Personnel Links

Personnel Links

The links below are to similar sites to this, with details of Bomber Command personnel put together by relatives.

Please support them in keeping the memories of a very special group of men and women alive. If anyone knows of any similar sites please let me know and I will add links.

Mike Wainwriight

Per Ardua ad Astra

Ernest 'Sunny' Gledhill - A Wireless Operator who flew with 218 and 514 Squadrons and lost his life on the night of the 22nd/23rd Arpil 1944 in a raid on Dusseldorf, by Tracy Holroyd-Smith.

Harry Hansell - Flight Sergeant Harry Hansell was an Air Gunner who flew with 427 and 434 Squadrons and lost his life on a raid to Hanover on the night of 27th September 1943, by Liz Hansell.

Squadron Leader R.A.V. James - A Navigator/Air Bomber who flew with 106 and 97 Squadrons and survived when his aircraft was shot down over France on the 6th August 1944, by Christopher James.

The last flight of Lancaster ED559 - The story of a 100 Squadron crew lost on a "Gardening" raid in March 1943 by Craig Smith.

Thirty Missions - The story of a tailgunner's tour of duty in 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF by John Coutts about his father, also John.

Lancaster W4960 - An account of the loss of this 460 RAAF Squadron Lancaster over Holland on 12th June, 1943, by the Dutch team that built a monument to the crew.

Lancaster LM658 - This aircraft took off from its base at RAF Waltham near Grimsby, Lincolnshire as part of an airborne offensive of 379 heavy bombers heading for heart of the Nazi Reich. However, as dawn broke on Sunday morning LM658 and her crew were posted as missing. By A. J. Barrow.

Lancaster EE138 - A website dedicated to the crew of 460 Squadron RAAF Lancaster EE138 lost on the 4th of September 1943 while returning to RAF Binbrook after a raid on Berlin, over Stadil, Denmark.

Vickers Valiant - The story of Flight Lieutenant Roy Mather DFC AFC, who flew in wartime with 619 and 227 Squadrons and continued in service with the RAF flying various aircraft, including the first "V" bombers, until his retirement, by his son Rob Mather.

Flight Sergeant Ernest Davies - The story of Flight Sergeant Ernest Davies RAAF, who with 103 Squadron and lost his life on a raid to Bremen on the 5th September 1942, as put together by his nephew, Bob Davies..

75(NZ) Squadron - A blog style website dedicated to the memory of Air Bomber Bob Sommerville DFC and the rest of 75(NZ) Squadron, by Bob's son, Simon.

Aircraft Q failed to return - A site dedicated to Sergeant Cecil Arthur "Butch" Butler and the crew of 35 Squadron Lancaster ME334, TL-Q, lost on a mission to Bonn on the 4th February 1945 maintained by Pete Tresadern.

Lancaster LL861 - My own page about Don Irving's 101 Squadron crew, lost on the infamous raid on Nuremburg on the 30th March 1944.

Bob Baxter's Memoirs page - Bob Baxter has collected together the recollections of Bomber Command air and ground crew as part of his Bomber Command site linked elsewhere - Matt Lacroix has built a site in tribute to Commonwealth aircrew, especially Canadians, who flew with Bomber Command. The site includes the personal stories of several crewmen.

Aircrew Remembered Personal Histories - A collection of details on Allied Airforce personnel throughout WWII including many from Bomber Command.

Flight Artworks - Something a bit different, Gary Eason's aviation art. Gary has a number of Bomber Command pictures available and also does commissions for specific requirements.

Facebook - In addition there are a number of pages on Facebook inhabited by people willing and able to assist in finding information on aircrew. The prime ones I use is the Bomber Command Research Page and the Wartime RAF/army personnel research group. There are also a number of individual Squadron and Aircraft type interest groups who can often assist with research. Use the search function on Facebook.

Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story - A website originally put together by Marshall Stelzriede covering his experiences as a navigator with the Eighth Air Force in Europe during World War II, now maintained in his memory by his son Tom.

"I salute your father and others of the crew, whose props may have stopped turning, but who are not forgotten." Rob Davis